Insurance Claims

Roof Insurance Claim Process in Florida

Storm Guard Is Your Insurance Claims Partner

Dealing with insurance providers can be a nightmare. Following storm damage to your home in Jacksonville, FL or the surrounding area, your first concern should be restoration services to protect your house and family. But there are bound to be hoops through which you must jump to initiate the process, the first of which is calling your insurance company. On the shortlist of calls to follow should be Storm Guard of Jacksonville. We will help guide you through the insurance claim process when you need to pay for roofing or gutter repair at your home. Duval, Clay, St. Johns and Clay counties so call us at (904) 712-3361 today.

We Help You During Insurance Claims Inspections

Though you may trust your insurance provider, it is imperative that you call Storm Guard of Jacksonville to assist during insurance claim inspections. Upon notification of storm damage to your roof or house, your insurance company will initiate the roof insurance claim process by sending an inspector to assess the damage. However, it is important to understand that this professional is working for your insurance company. By soliciting the assistance of Storm Guard of Jacksonville, you will have a company working for you. Our experts will advocate for you by performing their own inspection to help ensure nothing is overlooked.

Storm Guard of Jacksonville Will Help Review Damages

Following a comprehensive evaluation, Storm Guard of Jacksonville can help you understand the next steps in the roof insurance claim process, which includes communications with your insurance company. You want to protect yourself from having to spend any money out of pocket except your deductible, and we will help you do so. We have been helping homeowners in the Jacksonville area for several years, all the while perfecting our insurance claims management abilities and expertise. The insurance claim process is complicated, so rely on us to sift through the details to maximize your payout. We can also help secure additional claims if damage displaces your family from its home.

Our Team Can Help You Select Proper Repair Services

Once your insurance provider approves the claim, work can begin to restore your home to its previous glory. Depending on the extent and specificity of your damage, we will gladly offer roofing, and gutter repairs, among other restorative efforts. By trusting professionals who boast years of experience, you can rest assured that your home will be as good as new in no time. As your insurance claims advocate, Storm Guard of Jacksonville will also provide any necessary photographs or documents so you may relay them to your insurance company upon request.

We Provide Peace of Mind Throughout the Claims Process

We forever strive to maintain authenticity, professionalism, trustworthiness, and accuracy in everything we do. By serving the Jacksonville area homeowners with exceptional insurance claims assistance, Storm Guard of Jacksonville can provide peace of mind from start to finish during your home restoration project. We also guarantee our craftsmanship with a five-year warranty, extending that sense of comfort long after the project is complete. Although your property insurance policy covers most of our services, we will offer a reasonable quote for any jobs that are not covered. Whether your home is in need of roofing or gutter repair because of storm damage, Storm Guard of Jacksonville is the company you can trust. Call us at (904) 712-3181 today for a free roof inspection.